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Month 3 – An explosive start

August 1, 2009

Ok so we are counting down to our return to the Uk this month and as the heat increases to 47+ degrees I can only say I will for the first time ever in my life be happy to return to Wales for a cool down and a bit of a soaking!! Month 3 seems to have gone quite slowly mostly because it has been too hot to do much and having two kids confined to small spaces for long periods of time is not good (although Joe has begun to excel in Super Mario Cart!!) Also as a result of this confinement accidents happen – mainly my daughter managing to blow up the kitchen. I have got to give it to her she never does anything by halves.

On one sunny Monday morning she decides to turn on the hob while no one is looking and while the glass cover is still in place over the top of the hob. Luckily we are busy playing in the play room and decorating the walls with alphabet stickers when what can only be described as an earth shattering noise rocks the house. I gingerly look out of the play room door expecting to find half the house has fallen down to be greeted by millions and millions of shards of glass hanging from everywhere. I didn’t fully understand what had happened at first and stupidly thought the windows had blown in although they were all still in perfect working order in front of me!! It soon dawned on me what had happened and with this realisation came the relief that we had been out of harms way and the anger that yet again my daughter had managed to cause absolute mayhem!! I began the process of clearing up the glass whilst my daughter seemed to be blisfully unaware of what she had done and just threw a tantrum because I said she couldn’t have a banana as it had shards of glass sticking in it! I cleared up glass for the next 5 days and found that play doh is amazing for picking up tiny shards of glass. I now turn the cooker off at the wall and have banned her from even looking in the direction of the cooker.

Lucy also continues to humiliate me in the pool by yet again doing a number two whilst practising her doggy paddle!! Had to tell the lifeguard for a second time that I had left a present for him and it was just my luck that it was the same life guard. He gives me an evil look now everytime we go to the pool as if saying “you dare let her do it again madam!!” Today however she did but luckily she was standing on the side and not in the water so we spent a grand total of five minutes at the pool before I frog marched us all home to change her nappy. Joseph was some what bemused but I was just relieved that for once I had escaped further humiliation.

Through all of this it is amazing that Lucy made it to her second birthday but she did and we celebrated by going to TGI Fridays (which only does non -alcoholic cocktails!!) and then had a tea party with some of our friends. She had loads of cards and pressies so thanks to everybody who managed to brave the post and get them out here to her. It is hard to believe she is two but at this rate I am unsure she will make it to three!!

Joe is well Joe – he still oves his lego is obsessed by Super Mario Cart and cars and just loves swimming. He keeps getting crumbles in his feet which I think is his way of describing pins and needles (bless!) and he is now keeping his bed dry at night – joy of joys

Joseph has also gained a love of everything girlie which Tim is getting a bit concerned about but I have said to ignore as it is just a phase – he is often seen sporting my hairclips, Lucy’s beads and handbag and if I let him he would wear my make up in a shot. He also keeps asking to dress as a fairy or princess when we go to toddlers and I have to use my powers of persuasion to get him to choose something different – I sometimes win or as you can see we compromise and he dresses as a pink butterfly!!

Tim is still enjoying his job but also looking forward to coming home for two weeks and having a few lie ins and nights out with alcohol.

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary by doing well – NOTHING although Tim informs me we will have a night out when we go home! Who says romance is dead hey!

I am plodding along waiting for things to cool down and for all my UAE buddies to return from their Summer trips home as it is lonely without them. I can’t wait to come home either and can’t wait for a bacon sarnie and a good roast dinner with all the Trimmings.  I am off to buy Joe his new school uniform tomorrow so it is all ready for our return in September and I don’t know about him but I can’t wait for school to start although I think looking after Lucy is more of a challenge than three Joe’s – who said little girls were easy!!