Month 2 – First Love and Floating Poo

Ok so we survived our first month and have just about made it through our second. The heat is getting pretty unbearable and  I have begun sweating in places that I never before realised sweat – did you know your Knees can sweat!! Because of the heat our life has been based around anywhere with air conditioning and play centres have been high on the agenda but at £10 a kid they are bankrupting us!! The kids love them though and for the sanity is worth it.

We are beginning to make friends at the play groups we go to and have made good friends with one of Tim’s work colleagues wife and daughter. Amanda and Olivier live a street away and Olivier is a few weeks younger than Lucy so they get on nicely together and have become good friends. However Olivia is in to the older man and has become besotted by Joe. Apparently it is the first thing she says every morning and whenever we go out she follows him around with puppy dog eyes – Joe however is playing hard to get and having none of it. Joe may have found his first love although he seems blissfully unaware of this at the moment – Olivier appears to be a very determined young lady so watch this space!!!

I had my first embarrasing moment this month. It involved our usual afternoon swim – Lucy – a swim nappy and POO! I thought that swim nappies were designed to hold in any little accidents that children had in the pool but obviously not. On an unusually quiet afternoon in the pool (thankfully) Lucy and Joe happily playing in the toddler pool when I discover a trail of sweetcorn and other brown undescribable things floating behind my daughter. I quickly try to make my way over to her to realise that yes my worst nightmare had come true – the poo had leaked out and was now floating in the water. Decision time get out and run or try and get rid of it (the things you go through as a parent!!) At the same time Joe is running and jumping in and dispersing the pieces far and wide. I grab a bucket and begin fishing for poo !! After around 10 minutes and catching bits of poo and realising that even more had sunk to the bottom. I grabbed the kids and on my way out said quietly to the lifeguard that I thought there was something in the kiddies pool!!! It took me three days to return and I still think he looks at me funny every time I go in there! I know ensure my daughter has emptied her bowels before stepping one foot in the pool.

Joseph is ecstatic that we have bought a water cooler and keeps telling us it is just like going to the doctors as he can get free water. The boy has gone through 4 gallons in under 3 days and I have never seen a child pee so much. On the bright side he is finally starting to sleep through the night without a nappy and we have had 5 out of 7 nights dry so far so he is turning into a really big boy!

Tim is still working really hard but enjoying his job and I am beginning to find my way round. We are looking forward to returning home for a fortnight and escaping the heat in August and catching up with all our family and friends. We will be home from the 13th – 28th August so make sure you are around for a catch up.


Until then we will continue to brave the heat whilst you complain about your mini heat wave of 30 degrees!!

Take Care All


The Wallers xx


One Response to “Month 2 – First Love and Floating Poo”

  1. Aunty Gill Says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Glad to hear your settling in. Saw all the photos your dad took when they visited. It certainly looks an amazing place.
    Aunty Gill XX

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