One Month in the UAE

Ok so we have arrived at the crazy destination known as Dubai and have started to settle in to our new life. The children are turning in to fish and live in the pool and there mum prays for it to get a bit cooler. The tempreture has been in the 40’s since we got here and it has been hot hot hot. Toooooo hot to go outside in the day until about 3pm so our days consist of trying to find somewhere air conditioned to hide during the morning, lunch and then late afternoon a trip to the pool (which is a 2 minute walk but feels about 3 miles in this heat with all the accompaniments the kids want to bring like inflatables, buckets, watering can etc etc) and then after tiring them out it is home for bed!!

It is a completley different way of life out here and a lot to get used to. As a woman you soon realise that Emirates look on women in a completley different way and simply push in front of you in ques etc. The children are mini celebrities because of their blonde curly hair and everywhere we go people want to take pictures of them. They will soon be found in picture frames all across the world. The people here are friendly and it is very multi cultural. We are slowly starting to meet people and make friends but I think that will become a bit easier when Joe starts school in September.

Driving here can only be described as an experience. There seem to be no rules other than drive fast, cut people up and honk your horn as many times as you can. This isn’t helped when there are six lanes of traffic, they drive extremely fast and you haven’t got a clue where you are going!!! Also roundabouts have no rules so you can cut across 6 lanes of traffic if you decide you want to take the next exit off which makes for some pretty scary moments. If you want proof speak to my mum and dad who clenched their buttocks alot when I was driving them about in our new tank aka the Ford Explorer. Fuel is cheap it costs £10 to fill our 4ltr car and I don’t even have to get out of the car someone does it for me!

Mum and Dad came out to visit us for two weeks so we had quite a few adventures and did lots of touristy things. The city is pretty diverse you can be skiing in a mall in the morning, looking at the worlds largest dancing fountains in the evening and then watch sharks while you shop in another mall. Mum and dad went for tea in the Burj al arab to see its seven star wonder and we went on a river cruise to see Dubai by night. The city scape is quite spectacular with all the skyscapers and it looks even more impressive by night.

The kids seem to have settled really well although Lucy’s new mantra is HOT HOT and you can’t really argue with the girl! Dad works really long hours leaves the house at 5:30 and gets home after 7 but seems to be enjoying his work. The weekends out here are Friday and Saturday so I no longer get a Sunday lie in (not that I did in the UK though) The food is very international and you can buy pretty much anything you want but if you want British brands you have to pay so we will be stocking up in August for our return to save paying the silly prices. Also E numbers are frequent in things as we discovered with ice pops Lucy’s mouth, hands and arms were stained bright blue for three days and we couldn’t take her out in public.

Our house is nice and spacious and the kids have loads of room to play. We have the biggest bed I have ever seen you could sleep 4 grown ups in it and still throw in the kids!! As a consequence none of our bedding fits andhad to go out a purchase new stuff anyway so it was a waste of time shipping that out!

So the first month has mostly been us setting up home and settling in to the new adventure in Dubai. We have had ups and downs and are still trying to work out what everything costs in the monopoly money known as DIRHAMS. We have missed our family and friends and now that mum and dad have gone it feels very real that we are here on our own so we are looking forward to lots of visitors.

I will try and keep this updated each month so for now take care and enjoy the rain!!


7 Responses to “One Month in the UAE”

  1. Bangsy Says:

    Hia Mrs Waller!!

    Sounds KerAZeEe out there – awesome pics as well.

    Hope you guys settle in ok.

    Say hello to lumux for me.




  2. wayne Says:

    hey hun.
    loved the first blog.. cant wait for the rest.

    the pictures are great and it looks amazing there.
    I want to come over. ha

    Looking forward to the other blog’s.. hope mam and dad have recovered from your driving.. (love the way u try and make excuses for ur driving)

    keep posting

    xx wayney

  3. Heidi Says:

    Fab photo’s… hope to see you when you get back (will have moved to exotic pen y fai by then).. I think it is hot hot not there!

    Wot an experience though!

  4. Tom Says:

    Sounds amazing.. you should be an author for lonely planet Cath.. sorry I missed your skype again.. we’ll have to sort that out one day.. looking forward to seeing you all in August.. Give the big man a hug off me.. Tom xxx

  5. Deb Says:

    Hey Wallers,
    Looks like we have got competition with our blog! The photos look brilliant..especially love the one with Lucy and Joe in the cupboard.
    Things are good here, we are in San Pedro, in Guatemala. We are living with a guatamalan family at the momeñt..trying to learn the Spanish basics in a week.. not doing that great so far!
    Hopefully speak to you all on skpe soon
    Lots of love
    Deb and Alex

  6. Deb Says:

    p.s xxx

  7. Amy Says:

    Hi there
    Your first months of adventures sound amazing – execpt the 40c! We only have occasonal days like that in Sydney and it is too much for me!

    keep enjoying it!

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